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~ BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ~I've hinted at this for the last few months but I’m going to do a kickstarter!

I've hinted at this for the last few months but I’m going to do a kickstarter! If I’m honest, I’m a little nervous because I’ve never done one before! So bear with me and I’ll answer as many questions as I can.

This kickstarter is for the Twisted Kingdoms! You’ll have the option to snag each of the Twisted Kingdoms Books (The Hunt, The Rook, The Heir, The Beast, The Hood, and The Wolf) in omnibus edition with bonus content!

So, if you’re a fan of the world, keep reading!

1. What’s kickstarter and why are you using it?

I know most of you have supported kickstarters before but here is a little refresher. Kickstarter is a funding platform. It allows me to essentially do a preorder for projects near and dear to my heart and reach a larger audience.

2. What do the special editions include?

Both omnibus’ (Yes, there are two. One for The Hunt, The Rook, and The Heir, and one for The Beast, The Hood, and The Wolf) will have new covers. These beautiful object covers are inspired by fairytales. The hardcovers will include gold foil on the dust jackets AND they’re reversable, as well as new art printed on the jacketed case, new interiors, and sprayed edges. They’re absolutely GORGEOUS! Hardcovers and paperbacks will be in greyscale. As an extra, both collections will include bonus content from our favorite characters. And too top it all off, the books will be numbered by me

3. What will come with these books?

I haven’t finalized everything yet, but I’ll have that buttoned up next week. You can anticipate, art prints, vellum page overlays, metallic book marks, stickers, magnets, and other AMAZING swag!

4. Are these physically signed by you?

Yes! Each book will be hand signed.

5. Will this be available worldwide?

Yeppers! Shipping quotes will be available through kickstarter at time of launch.

6. How much are these bad boys going to cost me?

I’m still finalizing everything (there are so many moving parts) but I anticipate that the paperbacks will be around $40-50 each and there will be a discount if you grab both.

Hardcovers will be around $80-100 for each collection. There will be a discount if you grab both.

7. Can I get the bonus content on its own?

Yes, but it will be digital only.

8. How long will I have to wait to get my items once I back this project?

I’ll be putting a finalize date of January 2024 on kickstarter but my goal will be to have everything out to everyone early December 2023 in time for the holidays. Everything as far as covers and formatting with be done before the campaign begins. Woot!

I think that’s everything *deep breath* Feel free to ask me all the questions and I’ll update y’all in the coming weeks!


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