Reading Order

Are you looking for information on the reading order of Frost Kay's books? Then you've come to the right place!

Frost has four series (soon a fifth) that span across four different worlds, from romantic fantasy (The Aermian Feuds Saga) to gritty Urban Fantasy (Domion of Ash to dark fairytales (Twisted Kingdoms).

The Aermian Feuds Saga

The Aermian Feuds Saga has two linked series: Rebellion's Blade and Banished Queen (soon to release) for a grand total of eight books and counting. 

Frost recomends you read the books as follows:

- Warlord's Shadow (prequel short story)

- Rebel's Blade

- Crown's Shield

- Siren's Lure (novella)

- Enemy's Queen

- King's Warrior

- Spy's Mask

- Court's Fool

- Prince's Poison [2021]

- Sea's Traitor [2021]

Dominon of Ash Series

This series needs to be read in order. 

- The  Strain (prequel short story)


- The Tainted

- The Exiled

- The Fallout

- The Chosen [2021]

Aliens & Alchemists (Formerly Mixologists & Pirates Serial Series)

This series needs to be read in order.

- Pirates, Princes, and Payback

- Alphas, Airships, and Assassins


- Amber Vial

- Emerald Bane

- Scarlet Venom

- Cyan Toxin

-Onyx Elixir

-Indigo Alloy

The Twisted Kingdoms Universe

This set of books can be read in publication order or chronologically. 

- The Hunt

- The Rook

- The Heir [2021]

- The Thorn [2021]

- The Hood [2022]

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