Reading Order


Are you looking for information on the reading order of Frost Kay's books? Then you've come to the right place!

Frost has five series (soon a sixth) that span across five different worlds, from romantic fantasy (The Aermian Feuds Saga & Dragon Isle Wars) to gritty Urban Fantasy (Domion of Ash & Aliens and Alchemists) to dark fairytales (Twisted Kingdoms).

The Aermian Feuds Saga

The Aermian Feuds Saga has two linked series: Rebellion's Blade and Banished Queen (soon to release) for a grand total of eight books and counting. 

Frost recomends you read the books as follows:

- Warlord's Shadow (prequel short story)

- Rebel's Blade

- Crown's Shield

- Siren's Lure (novella)

- Enemy's Queen

- King's Warrior

- Spy's Mask

- Court's Fool

- Prince's Poison [2021]

- Sea's Traitor [2021]

Dominon of Ash Series

This series needs to be read in order. 

- The  Strain (prequel short story)


- The Tainted

- The Exiled

- The Fallout

- The Chosen [2021]

Aliens & Alchemists (Formerly Mixologists & Pirates Serial Series)

This series needs to be read in order.

- Pirates, Princes, and Payback

- Alphas, Airships, and Assassins


- Amber Vial

- Emerald Bane

- Scarlet Venom

- Cyan Toxin

-Onyx Elixir

-Indigo Alloy

The Twisted Kingdoms Universe

This set of books can be read in publication order or chronologically. 

- The Hunt

- The Rook

- The Heir 

- The Beast

- The Hood [2022]

The Dragon Isle Wars

This series needs to be read in order.

- Court of Dragons

- Queen of Legends [2022]

- Throne of Serpents [TBD]