About Frost

 Hello my name is Frost and I am a book addict. 

I have been a lover of all things book for as long as I can remember. I write fantasy because there is so much negative in the world and I think everyone needs to have an epic escape to turn their day around. I'm enamored with history and myths so they sneak into my books here and there. I often dream up my stories while baking...so we always have treats stashed. I geek out over my favorite authors and lurk on their pages often. 

Hot up & coming author Frost Kay
Author pets

I live in Southern Idaho along the Snake River with my four boys/hellions. They include the hubby, my two littles, and Olis; the cat that is more dog. Oliver is my writing companion, sock thief, and occasionally my heater when I am freezing, which happens to be every day. Winter can go jump in a lake. 

 I obsess over all things beauty and the beast (the only fairy tale that matters if you ask me), and secretly, I wish I were a mermaid.


I have a penchant for red lipstick and pinup couture, and a not so secret love for sour skittles.

Best selling Science Fiction Fantasy author Frost Kay
Epic sword and sorcery Fantasy Frost Kay

My two littles keep me on my toes. There's never a dull moment or time where we aren't building forts, reading, jumping on the trampoline, or playing make believe. Each day is a new adventure and a challenge. It amazes me how their little imaginations soar and expand.  I have the fierce belief that every child's imagination should be cultivated and cherished.  Each imagination is special and precious. 

Much to my family's shame, I frequently break out in dance while in public if a good song is playing. Come on, who can help themselves when Pit Bull is on? Booty shaking is bound to happen, just saying.

Lots of love,

Frost Kay

P.S. Enjoy the video below. I've totally done that in the store. *snigger* You're welcome. 

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