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Personalized paperback, signed by Frost Kay. 


The fairytales had it wrong. Robin Hood was a woman.

Coming home from war wasn't what Robyn expected. Relegated as lady of the manor, with the threat of an arranged marriage to the very man trying to steal her land, she refuses to be sidelined.

When the duke's men accost a shifter family in the woods, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Robyn joins the fray and recieves help from an unlikely source. A Dragon. But no good deed goes unpunished.

She never meant to become a hooded rogue wanted by the very man intent on securing her as his wife, nor falling for the rakish dragon king determined to whisk her away to his lair.

Trapped between two worlds, Robyn has to make a difficult choice. Duty and honor, or love and family.

The King of Thieves? He was a myth. The Queen of Thieves? She became a legend.


The Hood Paperback

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