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Personalized hardcover, signed by Frost Kay. 


King's and lies have one thing in common - they kill.

Fed up with the neglect and corruption of the crown, swordsmith Sage Blackwell steps forward to spy on the crown and lead the brewing rebellion. When her plans go south and one of Sage's own betrays her, she finds herself facing the devils themselves, her sworn enemies, the princes of Aermia.

Tehl Ramses is determined to crush the rising rebellion before civil war sweeps Aermia, leaving the kingdom vulnerable to immortal monsters breathing down his neck. His only key to figuring out how to stop the incoming war is the most infuriating, and alluring prisoner he's ever set eyes upon. He will do whatever to is necessary to save his people, even lose his own heart.

Rebellion never looked so seductive...

Rebel's Blade Hardcover

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