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Personalized special editon hardcover, signed by Frost Kay.


Monsters are not always the villains.

Abducted by an ancient creature of darkness and thrust into an inhuman court obsessed with perfection, Sage must hide her flaws to survive. Determined to beat them at their own game, she becomes the warlord’s consort and bides her time until she can escape. But the longer she plays queen in the enemy’s throne, the more difficult it is to resist her captor’s seductive charms.


Caught between his duties to his kingdom and his duties to his heart, every choice Tehl makes seems to be the wrong one. When deadly secrets are revealed, he finds himself negotiating peace with the very monsters that threaten his kingdom and captured his bride, but Sage isn’t the woman he knew before.

As war looms on the horizon, she must decide who to trust and what sacrifices she's willing to make for her land. One mistake may mean destruction not only for herself, but for those she loves.


The Aermian Feuds Series:
- YA Fantasy
- Enemies to Lovers
- Rags to Riches
- Royalty
- Slow Burn Romance

QOMAM: Special Edtion Hardcover

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