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Personalized special edition cover, signed by Frost Kay.


Long live the rebellion.


Tasked with infiltrating the palace was supposed to be an easy job. When Sage’s plans go south and one of her own betrays her, she finds herself captured by the crown. The cruel prince of Aermia thinks he has won, but the devastatingly handsome rogue has no idea who he is dealing with. By the time Sage is finished with him, the arrogant prince will be on his knees begging for mercy.


Tehl Ramses does not have time to play games with pretty liars. Immortal monsters lurk at the borders of their land waiting for a chance to invade. His only key to figuring out how to stop the incoming war is the most infuriating, and alluring prisoner he has ever set eyes upon. Therein lies the trap. She’s no saint, and he’s no prince charming.


Ensnared into an intricate web of betrayal and trickery, Sage and Tehl are forced to take desperate measures to avoid the pending war and protect their loved ones, even if it means becoming reluctant allies.

The Aermian Feuds Series:
- YA Fantasy
- Enemies to Lovers
- Rags to Riches
- Royalty
- Slow Burn Romance
- Dragons

KORAT: Special Edition Hardcover

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