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She never should have taken the dare.

In a destroyed world plagued with pestilence and monsters, nothing was easy. It’s brutal, deadly, and most often, short.

Hazel thought she understood who her enemies were: starvation, infection, her mama’s disgusting lima beans, and the Tainted – human beasts full of death, fury, and poison. That’s why she never saw it coming.

The death. The lies. The complete betrayal.

No one said love wouldn’t destroy you.

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In a ravaged world full of sickness, devastation, and monsters, it was kill or be killed.

After a disastrous second escape attempt, Hazel found herself blood indebted to her savior Noah, but he was no saint.


Desperate to repay her debt, she offers her skills as payment if she's allowed to visit home one last time. Her wish was granted, but at a steep cost. And what was supposed to be a saving grace was actually a nightmare. 

The monsters were right.

Ignorance was a death sentence.



The end of the world was uglier than she expected. 

Janice Anderson warned those who would listen that their bio weaponry was too unpredictable. No one had absolute control over a virus. If they thought they did, well... they were stupid.

Plans failed, colleagues died, and those that survived mutated into something other. No one knew what was worse, the virus or the monsters it created.

When the virus spread, she had only one choice to protect those she loved: turn to the people she hated with every fiber of her being for help.

Behind enemy lines, she expected back stabbing, but never guessed she'd be the one betraying those she cared about.

Life was never simple. Neither was the end of the world.

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