What's next for the Aermian Feuds?

I cannot believe the final book in the Aermian Feuds released last month. My mind is literally blown. There just aren't words. Ironic, right?

Sage's journey started when I was 11 years old, and she's been my constant companion for years. As a little girl, I was inspired by Tamora Pierce and Emily Rodda. Their stories had strong, fierce girls that I wanted to be friends with and every book I finished was bittersweet. I never wanted to leave the worlds they created or my new found friends. I found myself imagining a vast world of fantastic cultures. This eventually grew into the Aermian Feuds.

Granted, Aermia wasn't quite as dark when I was a child and teen.

Growing up taught me a valuable lesson though; that women as a whole are resilent, beautiful, strong even when weak. We are survivors, warriors, mothers, and queens. We are unique and unstoppable. Over the years, I've done many interviews with survivors of abuse and trauma. Thank you to all the fierce, amazing women who reached out and shared your stories with me. I can't tell you how touched I am that you trusted me with something so precious. The Aermian Feuds is only complete because of YOU.

I won't lie and say this series was easy to write. It was painstakingly difficult. There were so many times I had to walk away from the computer and have a good cry. That being said, I am the most proud of this series. It was born from real people and experiences that ring with truth and strength along with true love and humor.

Thank you for loving the series. My heart can't hold all the love I have for you all. You, the readers, have made this all possible.

Many of you have been asking what comes next? Well... when I started Rebel's Blade, I had planned on it being a trilogy - followed by three stand alone novel's of our favorite side characters. Well, that didn't bloody well happen. The world was just too big. So, there will be one final novella in The Aermian Feuds where you will get to see a bit more of Sage, Tehl, Sam, Jasmine, Gav, and Mira. Then we will move onto a new kingdom...

The series title to the new series in this world wil be The Aermian Feuds: Bannished Queen

I'll leave you to mull that over.

Happy reading,


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