THE FALLOUT is now available!

Holy bananas! I can't believe how this year has flown by. 2020 has certainly tested me beyond what I thought I could bear. I'm worn out, but ecstatic to share the Fallout with you. If you haven't started the Dominion of Ash series, you neeeeed to!

Warning: Go no further is you haven't read the series. There is spoilers below <3


She should’ve died. She didn’t.

Reborn into a damaged, depraved world is nothing short of a nightmare. In an instant, every hope Hazel harbors for the future disappears along with her humanity, leaving her with overprotective guarding and a useless mutation.

With war brewing between Humans, the Tainted, and a new unknown enemy, Hazel is forced to pick a side before the world implodes once more and she loses everyone she loves.

Finding yourself is never easy.


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