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Hey all! I hope you're staying safe and healthy in these crazy times.

I have some sad news. After a series of setbacks, I've made the difficult decision to delay Court's Fool: the Aermian Feuds Books Six by a month, to July 9th.

When I originally set up my 2020 release schedule, I didn't take into account Covid-19 arriving and flipping my world upside down. My workday went from having seven to eight hours of writing/editing to teaching my wee beasties while my husband took over my office.

In response to this upheaval, Amazon stepped up and gave authors the ability to push any preorders back a month.

After deliberating for weeks, I decided this was the right path for Court's Fool. This book has been years in the making and I didn't want to rush it. We all deserve a fantastic fanale.

I want to apologize for making you guys wait even LONGER. I won't lie and pretend I'm the fastest writer in the world. I don't plot, I pants. When I get stuck, I close the computer and leave it until I'm ready again. Court's Fool has been a challenge and a half because of all the interwoven storylines. I think it's my best work.

With that in mind, I want you guys to know how much I appreciate you. I appreciate that you're willing to wait for my books. I appreciate that you take the time to reach out and become friends. Thank you for trusting me to take you on adventures when the world is a mess. I truly love you all <3

So that being said, here is another chapter of Court's Fool!

FYI There are typos

Happy reading,


Court's Fool PDF 3
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