Kingdom of Rebels and Thorns

If you haven't seen it already, the Aermian Feuds hardcovers have a new look! Why you may ask?

  1. I love symbol covers but they sell poorly as ebooks and fantastically as hardcovers.

  2. These are primarily for book cons. Trying to sell as 6 books series is a hard sell, but by combining the books together to create a trilogy it's much easier.

  3. It's been almost five years since Rebel's Blade released, and I wanted a special editon for my shelves to comemorate it.

The dust jackets are absolutely stunning as is what lies beneath the dust jacket. They are heart stoppingly goregous. Ebooks of the boxed sets are releasing at the beginning of each month.

Kingdom of Rebels and Thorns and Queen of Monsters and Madness are now available on all platforms.

If you'd like signed copy, check out my webstore.

Much love,


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