The Exiled is HERE!

How the heck have y’all been? It’s been a while since The Tainted released. Can you believe it’s been almost a year? *mind blown* I’m glad you stuck with it! It’s about to get crazy in the Dominion of Ash world.


Isn't this beautiful? The lovely Salome Totladze created this fan art of our brooding dragon and feisty wallflower. *swoon*

It's been a while since we hung out in the Dominion of Ash world, so how about a little refresher?

The Tainted – Man or beast mutated by the virus.

The Untouched – Those immune or not infected by the virus.

Harbor – Hazel’s compound

Sanctum (sanctuary) – Noah’s village

Diablos – a Tainted panther-like-creature

Lobos – a Tainted wolf-like-creature

The Classes – how the Tainted classify their strengths, mutations, and family lines – avians, serpents, dragons (lizards), mammalia, lochs (water based mutations).

Since our sexy Noah is Latino, let's catch up on our Spanish terms❤

Abuela – grandmother (abuelita is the more intimate endearment)

Mi hijo – my son

Mi hija – my daughter

Niño – boy

Niña – girl

Niños or niñas – children

Señora – Ma’am

I think that wraps everything up. I hope you love this new adventure!

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