Mixologists and Pirates; the last book is almost here!

I can't believe this series is coming to a close. When I started writing about Allie Sai, it was because I was terrified of flying. I was boarding a jet to fly to Europe for the first time and I seriously thought I was going to pass out. My hubs got me a drink first thing, and as I gulped that down, inspiration hit me.

That's when the quirky Allie Sai was born. (Born from desperation and terror) LOL

The Mixologists and Pirates series grew into something fun and original. For me, writing was an absolute blast. It was utter sass, creativity, and fun. Writing the lNDIGO ALLOY was somewhat bittersweet because I didn't want Allie and the team's adventures to end. So while this will be the last book of the Mixologists and Pirates series, it's by no means the end of the gang's adventures. But's that's all I'll say for now!

So if you haven't had a peek at the cover, here you go!

You can pre-order Indigo Alloy on Kobo, Amazon, and iBooks. It will release on all retailers on OCTOBER 24, 2019 *squee*

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