Spy's Mask Snippet and Release Day

I know many of you have been waiting for this news and I'm happy to say that Spy's Mask: Book Five of The Aermian Feuds in available for pre-order! *squee* This book is going to knock your socks off!

Would you like a little snippet? Well, here you go!

♥️Spy's Mask Snippet: Unedited♥️

“I’m not proud. I’m angry. I want them to die.” Shame washed over her. Such thoughts were ugly and led down a road she didn’t want to travel. Silence hung between them at her voiced treason.

“The right way to live is not always an easy choice, but just remember those that commit atrocities against others will suffer. Such is the way of the world. Injustices will be righted. We just have to be patient.”

Her mother’s words seemed like a dream. They didn’t live in the world like the other kingdoms. They lived in darkness. In the Pit.

The only thing that bred there was rage, pain, and bitterness.

They lived in hell, and the devil ruled them all.

Coming August 26th, 2019 - pre-order here ----> SPYS MASK

Spy's Mask Copyright @ Frost Kay 2019

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