Cover Reveal for The Exiled!

Soooo if you’ve read The Tainted, met Hazel, and swooned over Noah, Doc, and Matt, then this will make your day! <3 I've been sitting on this cover for a while and I can't hold it back anymore! (P.s. If you haven't read the tainted, you can here ---> THE TAINTED)


I'm so, so, SO excited to finally share the cover for The Exiled (Dominion of Ash #2), along with the description. I'm hoping to have The Exiled out this fall (fingers crossed the everything goes smoothly or else that date is going to get pushed).In the meantime, you can add The Exiled (Dominion of Ash #2) to your "To Read" list on Goodreads



I'm beyond excited to share The Exiled's cover, designed by the insanely talented Christian Bentulan. I LOVE it!


The dead are supposed to stay dead.

Hazel's world had always been deadly, full of monsters and heartache, but the last thing she ever expected was to see her dead best friend alive, and consorting with the enemy.

Captured, betrayed, and imprisoned, she's determined to find a way out, even if it meant destroying the last connection she had to her old life. Even if it meant casting aside the only boy who'd ever loved her.

Love wasn't meant to survive the wastelands.

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