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So there have been quite a few of y'all who have emailed me about The Tainted. I'm a fantasy writer through and through. So even if I branch out to other subgenres, it's still going to be fantasy. The Dominion of Ash series is no different. It's a Post Apocalyptic Fantasy. Here's a little taste of what you can expect!

The Tainted by Frost Kay

Hazel blinked her eyes open, staring at the red stone ceiling above her. For a moment, her life was normal, her mind wiped free of memory.

Someone shifted, and she turned her head, confused. Then, she saw the monster lounging against the wall across from the foot of her bed.

She screamed.

There was nothing—nothing—more monstrous than the obsidian eyes pinning her to her spot. A shudder worked through her as she eyed the black scales dusting his high cheekbones and strong jaw line. It was only when his black leather wings rising above his shoulders flared slightly that Hazel jerked back. It took her a second to process that her good arm was cuffed to the bed—the monsters had cuffed her to the bed. Blinding terror moved through her veins, causing her to shake.

Outrunning the wraiths. Flying monsters. Being captured. Agony. Voices. Drugs.

She gasped at the memory, her ragged breathing the only sound in the room. It seemed impossible that she was alive. She had been sure there’d be nothing left of her once the demon inside had burned everything to ash.

“I survived,” she whispered through trembling, cracked lips.

“So it seems,” the dark monster replied from where he reclined against the wall, looking for all the world like a predator—sleek, deadly, powerful.

She glanced around the room for something, anything to defend herself with. There was nothing. It was a glorified cave with smooth curving walls, presumably in the fortress she had seen in the distance.

Her hand clenched around the chain cuffing her to the old medical bed, and she yanked. She had to get out. It didn’t budge. Her gaze flickered to the monster still watching her, then back to the chain. Another yank. Her hand slipped, and pain bloomed around her wrist.

If they didn’t let her die, then what did they plan on doing to her? Dread filled her belly.

“Do you really think you can get away?”

Hazel yelped and scooted back as far as the chain would let her. Despite the hard gleam in his eyes, his wicked lips curved in a cruel smile, one that said he was laughing at her, enjoying her fear.

I hope y'all enjoyed that! I'm super excited for you to meet Hazel. She's one of my favorite MC's to date. Only two more weeks!


I also want to say thank you for those who voted on the covers. This is the one that won!

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