New Covers!

Let me tell you a little bit about stock photos. You pay to use them, you don't own them. So the majority of book covers use stock images that designers use their artist magic on to turn it into fantastic cover art.

Here's the catch: in some genres there are tons of models, other's not so much.

Epic fantasy is one of the those. Male models are few and far between. Because of this, the former model we used on Crown's Shield was used EVERYWHERE- book covers, trailers, posters, you name it. So it was inevitable that someone would use the same stock image and produce a cover that looked like mine. And it did.

So how does one combat this?

They purchase wonderful exclusive images from a photographer they trust. The wonderful Regina Wamba shot the photo for the new and improved Crown's Shield and I can't be happier. In my mind, he looks more like Tehl anyway. I hope you guys like it<3



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