King's Warrior- Book Four of The Aermian Feuds

I have received so many emails about this book. I am happy to finally announce that the fourth book in the series - King's Warrior is now available for pre-order!

Revolution and war come with a price in the fourth volume of USA Today Bestselling Author Frost Kay’s The Aermian Feuds Series. Returning to Aermia should’ve been easy, but nightmares and death haunt her, leaving Sage as an outsider, even in her own family. Nothing is ever as it seems, and that’s more apparent than ever as she plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with the one man who’s carved himself into her unwilling heart. As war looms on the horizon, she must decide who to trust and what sacrifices she’s willing to make for her kingdom. But with every decision, she feels the warlord’s dark web of secrets, deceit, and betrayal closing around her. One mistake may mean destruction not only for herself, but for those she loves. In this thrilling fourth book in this Internationally Bestselling Series, Sage and Tehl will raze the world to protect their people and each other from the one man that threatens to tear them apart.

Happy reading,

Frost <3

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