New Sci-Fi Fantasy Series

I've been writing like a crazy woman on this series. I have to admit it's been a freaking blast writing about Allie Sai, a moonshine brewing southern girl caught up in alien mischief and mayhem. All five books will release in the next five months.

The first one, Amber Vial, will release on July 31st, 2018





AND it will be available with kindle unlimited!

Here's a little snippet:

How did something that big fly?

Allie Sai gaped at the immense silver alien airship in shock. She’d only ever seen them on the tube screen. The longer she stared, the harder her heart pounded. People pushed around her, some chattering excitedly about their trip, others staring wide-eyed at the colossal monstrosity in awe.

Come on, Allie. You can do this. Just move forward.


She glared at her stubborn feet. The darn things wouldn’t budge. She sucked in a deep breath and lifted her hand to push her troublesome hair out of her face. She paused, holding her shaking hand out, and scowled at it. God, she hated flying. Just the thought of it gave her hives. It shouldn’t be possible for that much metal to soar through the sky. It was downright unnatural to be thousands of miles above the ground, let alone traveling through the stars at a speed the Human mind couldn’t fathom. Goosebumps erupted on her arms; her stomach clenched at the thought of being trapped in the metal death box. It might be massive, but it was still a steel coffin.



Blinking, she snuck a glance at the metal airship, hoping it had disappeared.

Nope, it was still there in all its horrendous glory.

Never taking her eyes off the ship, she began to backpedal. Why did she have to go? Her eyes darted to the people flowing past, paying her no mind. If she was smart, she could disappear and no one would be the wiser. No one would miss a country girl who was afraid of flying.

Time to go.

Happy reading,

Frost Kay<3

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