Remodel Update

So the last 8 months have been crazy. We were in Europe for three weeks. We sold a house, moved into another, and began EXTENSIVE remodels (we gutted the house). Then I've release four books in that time. *passes out*

So I thought I'd share what we've been up to. My husband and myself have both worked in construction so we've done most of it, and the parts we couldn't, our wonderful friends stepped in and helped out. (I love you guys!)

So we stripped everything down to the sub-floors. We've pulled walls out and all other sorts of craziness. Sheetrock dust and I are intimate associates now. Here are a few pictures of our progress.

So first thing... the bathrooms had to be done.

Next, I needed somewhere to write. So I redid my writing desk.

Finally, we wanted to open up the kitchen/ living room area. It was kinda cave like. Little did we know that the prior owners had cut a chunk out of the main support beam for the upstairs... yeah... that's a big no no, not up to code at all. So we had to put a steel beam in so that our upstairs didn't become our downstairs. Lol.

Our next project is to refinish the floor, cabinets, paint, and put in new back splash and counter tops... we'll get there... eventually.

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