Enemy's Queen Prologue

So I promised y'all I would unlock the prologue to Enemy's Queen if we hit 25 preorders this week. Y'all made it happen!

If you'd like the first chapter we need to hit 50 preorder's, and if you'd like the first two chapters we have to hit 100! I think we can do it, and I'm super excited to share it with you. It's literally killing me inside to wait!

So without further ado...


The story books had it wrong.

Prince charming wasn’t always perfect, and monsters weren’t always ugly.

The deceptive thing about monsters is they’re never what you expect them to be. They’re not always the shadows underneath the bed, but the hero expected to save you.

Those are the most dangerous.

Those devils are so beguiling that your breath catches when they look at you, and your heart flutters when they grace you with a smile. But therein lies the rub. They’re the type of monster you want to hide from. The ones you pray never notice you.

Beware of the winks, and innocent touches. It’s nothing but deception, an intricate trap. And remember, beauty and perfection have a price. Nothing is free.

Sage’s monster was everything and nothing like she imagined, and this time there was no escape.

The devil had come to collect his dues, and Sage was short.

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