Emerald Bane is Available!

It's here! It's finally here!

I LOVE writing this series of short story. I am happy to tell you I've heard your requests so... I'm planning to write full length novels in the Mixologist & Pirates world! Woot!

Without further ado:

Never say never. After surviving a pirate attack on her airship, Allie believes life will get better. It had to, right? Wrong, dead wrong. One little act of vengeance leaves her as a prime murder suspect and her newfound friends in jail. If she can't prove her innocence, she can kiss what's left of her life goodbye It was just one mistake... Unravel the tangled web of secrets with Allie by reading Emerald Bane, the latest Sci-Fi Space Opera hit that readers are comparing to Genesis and Pirate Nemesis. Only 99 cents and FREE with KindleUnlimited!

Happy reading,

Frost Kay<3

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