Cover Reveal- Enemy's Queen

After many laborious hours of writing. I just sent the editor Enemy's Queen! Woot! Time to sleep a whole bunch. Lol.

Guess what? It's available for pre-order!

Enemy's Queen:

Beauty and perfection come at a price… Abducted and thrust into a court obsessed with perfection, scarred Sage Ramses’ dream of peace and happiness is no longer a possibility. An ancient creature of darkness rules the land along with a people that are no longer human, and she’s forced to learn how to survive despite her inadequacies. Caught between his duties to his kingdom and his duties to his heart, Tehl scrambles to discover where Sage has been taken. When deadly secrets are revealed, he finds himself negotiating with the very monsters that threaten Sage and the land of Aermia. Every choice Tehl makes seems to be the wrong one, leaving Sage close to death and the kingdom at risk of invasion, but help comes from an unexpected ally and a hefty price tag. Peace is never free, and pretty faces can’t always conceal twisted desires. In a warped game with the Scythians only one side can prevail, and this time, Sage might lose. Two sides. One goal: Save Aermia.

Happy reading,

Frost Kay<3

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