New Sci-Fi Release!

I'm beyond excited for this new story!

Y'all know I'm a huge Sci-Fi and Fantasy nerd. Star Wars, Star Trek, The X-Files, Doctor Who, Stargate, Firefly, Babylon 5, Batttlestar Galactica, you name it, I've watched it or read it.

So it was inevitable that I would write in this genre. I had a blast writing part one of Mixologists & Pirates, and all the other authors in this collection are fabulous. We have aliens, dragons, damaged airships, forbidden romance, space pirates, moonshine brewers, and SO much more! Snag a copy for only 99cents>>

Would you like to know a little bit more about Amber Vial? Here we go! Never again. After unwittingly entering the draft for colonization of an alien planet, Allie believes nothing could get worse. It could. A failed escape attempt leaves her chained to an airship chair with nothing but her bag, a vial, a wild redhead, and her anxiety for company. Numbing her fear seemed like a good idea… until it wasn’t. It was just one sip. Read the Amber Vial for FREE in KindleUnlimited

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