Crown's Shield Cover Reveal!

I am so excited to share this with you!

This book pretty has been burning a hole in my pocket! Isn't it gorgeous?

Crown's Shield is now available for pre-order!

Trickery. War. Betrayal. Despite her resolve to cut ties with the rebellion, Sage Blackwell is forced to turn to her old allies...But when the ultimate betrayal puts her in an impossible position, she has to make a life changing decision: FREEDOM OR PEACE? From the moment he meets Sage, Crown Prince Tehl Ramses finds himself confronted with one surprise after another- and he hates being the fool. Ensnared in the rebellion's intricate web of trickery and blackmail, Tehl is forced to take desperate measures: WAR OR COMPROMISE? Both Tehl and Sage will do whatever's necessary to avoid the pending war, even if it means becoming reluctant allies. Tempers rise, myths are unveiled, and assassins abound. Can they put aside their prejudices to protect their people? Or will they tear Aermia and each other apart? One story. Two sides. One goal: Save Aermia.

Click the cover to pre-order Crown's Shield!

Lots of love,

Frost Kay <3

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