March Book Challenge

If you're anything like me, you breath books, or at least read them like other people change underwear. Lol. To much information?

Any who, I joined a special book challenge for the month of March- eight books in four week, a drop in the bucket, really. Each week prizes are given away for completing the challenge. Intrigued?

How does one participate in the challenge you may ask?

1. Read said books- those who have Rebel's Blade, you already have an advantage!

2. Click link:

3. Answer 3 questions associated with said books.

4. Win giftcards for MORE books!

So overall pretty darn easy! On a side note, all the challenge books are on kindleunlimited as far as I know. So if you're short on fund this month, you can still participate if you're a frequent flier of KU like myself.

Who knows, you might discover your new favorite author or book series!

Happy reading!

Frost Kay<3

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