So when I was told I needed a newsletter I shrugged my shoulders and thought how hard could it be? Making a newsletter in itself isn't difficult but choosing a program that worked for me was where it got hairy.

There are so many choices; Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, ConverterKit, and the list goes on. So I turned to my trusty author friends and asked them. You know what answers I received? Everyone liked something different, go figure. So I set out to test them myself. So here is my experience:

Mailerite: It had a decent program but was ridiculously expensive. If you go that route you might as well invest in ConverterKit in my opinion. This was my least favorite.

ConverterKit: This was the most expensive program. I believe it was around $150.00 a month BUT a huge pro is that you can tell where your subscriptions are coming from. That's huge for marketing. I would suggest this if you have a huge base already. If you are just starting out as an indie author I would stick to something smaller and work up to that.

Mad Mimi: This program appealed to me because of the drag and drop system. Their newsletters were breath taking and simple to make. They were similarly priced to Mailchimp; about $7.00 more a month. A major draw back for me was their subscription forms though. They were straight up ugly, not anything like their killer newsletters.

Mailchimp: This was the most financially reasonable in my mind. Your first 2000 subscribers are free so that's a plus. As we established before, I love things to look pretty and you can make their forms shine. They weren't as easy to use as Mad Mimi but with one youtube video I had no problem figuring it out. This is what I chose in the end.

I hope this helps a little bit. Here is video that breaks down Mailchimp's forms. Enjoy her awesome accent! A good accent makes life that much more interesting!


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