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Mixologists & Pirates



November 2019

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Amber vial

Fact #257 - Allie Sai should have been named "Unlucky." It made complete sense that the girl terrified of flying and aliens would be drafted for colonization of an alien planet. Right? Right?? 

In her mind, she had one choice. Desertion. But again... Unlucky. She should've known better. A failed escape attempt leaves her chained to an airship chair with nothing but her bag, a vial of her family's super moonshine, and her anxiety for company. 

Fact #372 - Sometimes moonshine is not the answer. 

Numbing her fear seemed like a brilliant idea - until pirates attack her ship looking for goods of the female variety. Looks like she'll have to save herself, but... unlucky strike three. 

Fact #401 - Pirates aren't princes. They're extortionists.

It was just one sip... maybe two. 

Emerald Bane

Fact 384: Allie’s bad luck knew no bounds. 

After surviving a pirate attack by the skin of her very unlucky teeth, she believes life will get better. It had to, right?

Wrong, dead wrong. Literally dead.

Fact 443: Revenge always bites you in the butt.

One little prank leaves her as a prime murder suspect and her newfound friends in jail. If she can’t prove her innocence, she can kiss what's left of her life goodbye - not that she had much of one to start.

Fact 537: Human-hating aliens had no right to be so sexy.

At least she’d have something pretty to look at while being blackmailed into espionage.

It was just one mistake... maybe two.

scarlet venom

Fact 437 - Allie was a piss poor bootlegger. 

It was laughable that her blackmailers expected her to create a truth serum. If they’d done their homework, they would’ve known her brewing capabilities were nil, she flunked chemistry, and her moonshine was on the toxic side. So for once in her unlucky life, luck was on her side… until she almost blew up the lab. Unfortunately, singed eyebrows were the least of her concern. 

Fact 543 - Aliens don't understand personal space. 

Nothing was off limits. If they weren’t asking about her heat cycle, males were sniffing her for compatibility. One cocky Avs even tried to claim her as his mate, but that wasn’t happening, no matter how good looking he was. But staying immune to his antics proved more difficult than Allie expected. Kind words, gorgeous eyes, and wicked grins were always her weakness.

Fact 678 - The line between loathe and love easily blurred.

It was just one kiss… maybe two. 

Cyan Toxin

Fact 645 - High heels make great weapons.

Somehow, Allie always managed to attrack every sociopath within a 100 click radius. Don't ask her how she did it. She chalked it up to the unlucky curse that had plagued her all her life. And Sloven the Slayer was no different. Creepy was his middle name. Luckily, her mama had taught her the advantage of a well placed kick.

Fact 792 - Allie hated liars, especially gorgeous ones of the male variety.

After the attempt on her life and her team's betrayal, she tried to go back to her life, to ignore how lonely she was, to forget the nightmares that plagued her and the face of the one man she still wanted despite his lies. But life was never that simple.

Fact 864 - Good doesn't always triumph. Sometimes evil just slaps you in the face and steals your popsicle.

It was just one lie.


Onyx elixir

Fact 752 - Karma was a vindictive wench, and Luck, no lady.

Allie never believed in Karma, but after the week she'd had, she was prone to believe that if such an entity existed, it had to be a woman. Only a woman could hold such an ugly, nasty grudge, and make Allie's life so impossibly miserable. If spying for the enemy and a broken heart wasn't enough, someone had even stolen her favorite heels. Classy, right? Bad luck strikes again.

Fact 689 - Southern girls were supposed to be graceful losers.

Spying for Sloven wasn't the plan, but every attempt she made to escape his clutches only entrenched her deeper into a war Allie never wanted to be part of. Good thing her mama taught her how to fight dirty. Allie would play his game, and do the one thing he didn't think possible. She'd win.

Fact 521 - Never play a player, or in this case, a southern belle.

It was just one compromise...

indigo alloy

Fact 417 - Kidnapping was not sexy.

The old Earth romances had it wrong. Being captured by an attractive elfin alien was anything but glamourous. It was slave labor with a pinch of harassment. But Allie Sai wouldn't take anyone's gruff, even if it meant challenging the scariest man she'd ever met, erm.. alien.

Fact 359 - Southern belles never played by the rules.

Poker was always her game of choice, so it was fitting that to take down Sloven and win her freedom, Allie had to take a chance and do the impossible - destroy the King's criminal empire and get out without dying. Simple, right? If only.

Fact 205 - Luck had a funny way of changing when you least expected it.

It was just one trick...