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The Aermian Feuds 



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Worlds of Aermia


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Rebel's Blade


Fans of Sarah J. Maas and Holly Black are losing sleep over the first book in the dark ENEMIES - TO - LOVERS fantasy series The Aermian Feuds fraught with secrets, deception, and betrayal.

Fed up with the neglect and corruption of the crown, swordsmith Sage Blackwell steps forward to spy on the crown and lead the rebellion. When her plans go south and one of her betrays her, Sage finds herself facing the devils themselves, her sworn enemies, the princes of Aermia.

Tehl Ramses is determined to crush the rising rebellion before civil war sweeps Aermia, leaving the kingdom vulnerable to immortal monsters breathing down his neck. His only key to figuring out how to stop the incoming war is the most infuriating, and alluring prisoner he's ever set eyes upon. He will do whatever to is necessary to save his people, even lose his own heart. 

Crown's Shield 

Betrayal and and trickery come at a price...

Despite her resolve to cut ties with the rebellion, Sage Blackwell is forced to turn to her old allies...But when the ultimate betrayal puts her in an impossible position, she has to make a life changing decision: the Crown or her freedom?

From the moment he meets Sage, Crown Prince Tehl Ramses finds himself confronted with one surprise after another-and he hates being the fool. Ensnared in the rebellion's intricate web of trickery and blackmail, Tehl is forced to take desperate measures: war or compromise?

Both Tehl and Sage will do whatever's necessary to avoid the pending war, even if it means becoming reluctant allies.

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Enemy's Queen

Beauty and perfection come at a price…

Abducted and thrust into a court obsessed with perfection, scarred Sage Ramses’ dream of peace and happiness is no longer a possibility. An ancient creature of darkness rules the land along with a people that are no longer human, and she’s forced to learn how to survive despite her inadequacies. 

Caught between his duties to his kingdom and his duties to his heart, Tehl scrambles to discover where Sage has been taken. When deadly secrets are revealed, he finds himself negotiating with the very monsters that threaten Sage and the land of Aermia. 

Every choice Tehl makes seems to be the wrong one, leaving Sage close to death and the kingdom at risk of invasion, but help comes from an unexpected ally and a hefty price tag. Peace is never free, and pretty faces can’t always conceal twisted desires. In a warped game with the Scythians only one side can prevail, and this time, Sage might lose.

Siren's Lure

Pirates. Sirens. Revenge.

Vengeance is Lilja's middle name. That wasn't always the case, but battling evil has a funny way of changing people. 

Her instructions were clear: protect her people's secret at all costs and destroy anyone in her path. It was simple, really. You cross her, you die. 

Life was black and white for the pirate captain until an innocent ruins everything by blundering into her life. She should've let the handsome stranger drown, he'd seen too much. But something stays her hand and she reluctantly saves the human, risking the one thing she's protected all her life. 

A secret that could destroy an entire race.

MERMAID lovers are ADDICTED to this pulse-pounding tale that fans of Sarah J. Maas are losing sleep over. One click now to dive into your next book obsession!

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King's Warrior

Revolution and war come with a price in the fourth volume of USA Today Bestselling Author Frost Kay’s The Aermian Feuds Series. 

Returning to Aermia should’ve been easy, but nightmares and death haunt her, leaving Sage as an outsider, even in her own family. Nothing is ever as it seems, and that’s more apparent than ever as she plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with the one man who’s carved himself into her unwilling heart. 

As war looms on the horizon, she must decide who to trust and what sacrifices she’s willing to make for her kingdom. But with every decision, she feels the warlord’s dark web of secrets, deceit, and betrayal closing around her. One mistake may mean destruction not only for herself, but for those she loves.

In this thrilling fourth book in this Internationally Bestselling Series, Sage and Tehl will raze the world to protect their people and each other from the one man that threatens to tear them apart.

Spy's Mask

No one could have prepared Sage and Tehl for the ruin the Warlord would wreak on the world to get to Aermia. Sage thought she knew how to play his deadly games, but his warped crimes prove she's out of her depth. To dethrone the demon, she enlists the help of her former enemies.

A spy with ulterior motives.

A monarch known for wicked crimes.

A traitor with ties to a dark, twisted past.

A Sirenidae intent on gaining her freedom.

A dragon thirsty for vengeance.

Five unlikely allies. One impossible battle. Uniting the kingdoms against the monster that plagues them might be the only thing that stands between the world and complete destruction.

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Sage knew destroying the Warlord wouldn't be easy, but she never anticipated the toll it would take on her kingdom and her soul. Everywhere she turned, the world dripped with blood, heartache, and betrayal.

Sanee was under siege.

Jasmine was missing.

Scythia gained ground each day.

Lilja and Garreth were dead.

Outnumbered and outgunned, Tehl and Sage have to make the most difficult decision of their existence; follow their moral code, or give into the darkness and end Zane's tyranny once and for all.

Prince's Poison

Life and death were no game.

Becoming the the first female royal healer was a balance between being a goddess of health and the mistress of death.

Dueling with sharp-tongued highborns, playing with poison, and watching Mira's best friends pass her by wasn't what she had prepared for after coming home from the frontline. With dark demons and secret desires haunting her, Mira makes a choice that puts her future in jeopardy and leaves her with only one last option.

Trust the man who broke her heart, or watch her future go down in flames.

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